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GPS Vehicle Tracking Dominican Republic

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Conflict International use covert GPS Vehicle Tracking devices to monitor a vehicle's movements.Undercover Operations

Undercover agents can be utilised to work undetected as a member of staff inside your workplace gathering intelligence and information.

Undercover Operations Surveillance

Investigations will often demand a level of intelligence unavailable by enquiries and research alone. Physical observation of an individual can sometimes prove invaluable, providing irrefutable evidence and often meaning a pending case can be settled prior to an expensive and time-consuming Court case.


Our covert vehicle tracking devices monitor a vehicle's position 24 hours a day. The tracker works on a global network and uses images from detailed street maps and Google Earth to display visual locations.

The team will monitor the tracker and send you detailed images of locations the vehicle has visited. A daily tracker report of the vehicles positions, speed, locations and distance covered is produced.

Most clients hire the covert Tracking systems, which can be fitted in a matter of seconds. We do not require access to the vehicle and our operatives will install the device at any time in any location.

These devices are an invaluable tool in and are often used in conjunction with a mobile surveillance team.

For example, where a pattern of behaviour becomes apparent or a particular address becomes of interest our team are available to obtain video imagery and still photographs; evidence that will be admissible in court.
An example of the software we use to pinpoint vehicle locations.


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