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Jarasa Seguridad C por. A .and / or José Angel Reyes Arias

Division of Private Investigations

First and middle names : José Angel

Family name : Reyes Arias

Social Security No. (us) :

Identity and Personal Identification Number (D.R)

Title : Investigation and Security Technical officer in the Dominican Republic.

Labor Experience: former officer from the National Police Department and the National Department of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence of the Dominican Republic. I have completed several courses al the school of investigations on various subjets on security and public and criminal investigations. I also worked for sixteen (16) years in public security at the armed forces, the national police , and at ICA investigations in Caguas, Puerto Rico, in the fields of investigation and surveillance of insurance fraud. I also worked on PDFR in Dominican Republic thru ICA investigations which was as well subcontracted by MJM investigations from North Carolina, United States. These investigations were for NYSIF. I worked on all workers compensation cases in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico with private investigator since 2004 until 2007.
-10 years in the field criminal investigations in the National Department of Criminal Investigations and Intelligence.
-25 years in field of Disastes and emergency management at the Center of Emergency Operations of the Dominican Republic in The Civil Defense.
-4 years as private investigator at EH Agency of Investigations ( ICA ) in Puerto Rico ( ICA ) working on surveillance of fraud insurance and conducting interviews for workers compensating cases for NYSIF and other insurance activities , Company and Personal Data investigation to prevent fraud in United States . These operations were done in digital recording and cameras and actual time photography.

Education : 4 years at the Salomé Ureña Superior School of Santo Domingo.

Company Information :

Name of the Company : Jarasa Seguridad C por A.

National tax Identification number : 1-30-44464-1

Mercatile Registry number : 05386-2007-STI

Insurance Policy number ( for matters of civil responsibility) RC-2-0077

operating license for research agency, ACI 005
private detective credentials, ACI 054

Telephone : 809-276-2503

Fax : 809-276-2504

Addres : SANTO DOMINGO Y SANTIAGO   República Dominicana.

P.O. Box Adrress: P. O. Box 426 Santiago , Dominican Republic.


DVD VHS Recorder

Video and Photography Camera Sony Digital Handycam 2000 x Optical AND Nikon 5100.

Photographic Camera Sony.

Tecnomaster Television.

Services : Jarasa Seguridad CXA

We are a private investigation agency in the Dominican Republic.

We cover all area of investigations in Dominican Rep. and Haiti.

Our Specialization are as follow :

Criminal Investigations

Missing Persons Investigations

Domestic Investigations

Surveillance – Long or Short Term

Activity Checks-Standard or Detailed

Statements and Depositions

Accident Investigations

Background Criminal Record Checks

Loss Prevention Investigations

Record Search and File Reviews

Process Service

Security Experience:

In Security we have 15 years of experience , protecting you and your assets with quality and guarantee; in different kind of events , as President Festival of Latin Music, Expo Cibao, Marlboro Power Tour, Marlboro Games, Marlboro Adventure Team, Heineken Jazz Festival Amaprosán´ s Club Market, The Carnavals of La Vega and Santiago.

Also we have given service to many reconized companies , such as Ethical Pharmaceutical, Bratex Dominicana ( Villa Mella Free Zone ) Santo Domingo, Cervezería Nacional Presidente , Refrescos Nacionales, Ambev Dominicana..

All registered members of Jarasa Security have completed a psychological survey, their backgrounds have been substantiated and they have the aptitude or training required to work in the close – personal protection profession. We strongly advocate pro-active protection measures as opposed to reactive techniques such as firearms etc. As a protection specialist our primary objective is the safely and well being of our clients. The emphasis is to avoid confrontations and keep the safe and secure through pre-planning and proper advance work.

We know about Corporative Security, Ejecutive Protection VIP, Program Security Management, physical security protection of VIP people

We were trained by USA army and the Dominican Air Force.

Our last work was in Haiti, contrated by Reventy 4th Evacuation, working in rescuing people , organizing the search in survivors of the earthquake in Haiti.

Equipments :



Head Set

Short weapon


Id card

Communication radio

Command clothe

Pepper Spray

Security Services :

Personal Executive Protection

State Protective Services

Asset Security

Travel Security

Special Event Security

Robbery Incident Suppression

Disasters management

Evacuation People

Regiment Security

We are proud members .


Languages : spanish and English.
Personal Reference :

José Agustín Reyes, Agent , National American Security.

Cell Phone :

Amadeo Peralta , Chief officer, National Police.

Cell Phone :

For this type of activity of private investigations, we have an Insurance Policy which covers in Dominican Republic first and second person or companies, and in this case probe services will be insured and NYSIF in Dominican Republic only thru this Company Jarasa Security and José Reyes. This coverage covers the agency that hires the services of Jarasa Security or José Reyes . In case we are found at fault the insurance will pay the outcome , and legal and administrative cost incurred.


Santo Domingo Manzana #31, Edif. 7, Apto. C, Las Caobas, Sto. Dgo. Oeste. Phone:809-701-2342 809-701-2336 Santiago de los caballeros C/11, ...